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Path Variables

Whether it is website or mobile application, the use of plug-ins is embedded in API by URL. Configure the associated plug-in in the administrator control panel. After configuration, users can operate the associated extended content when the editor publishes the content, or click to enter the plug-in page when the client is in use.

Path Config

  • Path of plug-in is configured in accessPath parameter of plugin.json file.
  • After the plug-in is installed, it will be read and stored in the plugins->access_path data table field.

Variable List

Variable NameDescriptionAssociated Field
{authorization}Authorization and quick login
Generate Authorization / Verify Authorization
{type}Type of access source (client channel)
{scene}Scene of the source
{postMessageKey}Callback identification name
Client receiving callback message as postMessage
{callbackUlid}Callback identification name
Client receiving callback message as API
{aid}Account IDaccounts->aid
{uid}User IDusers->uid
{rid}Role IDroles->id
{gid}Group IDgroups->gid
{pid}Post IDposts->pid
{cid}Comment IDcomments->cid
{fid}File IDfiles->fid
{eid}Content Extend IDextends->eid
{plid}Post Log IDpost_logs->id
{clid}Comment Log IDcomment_logs->id
{connectPlatformId}Connect IDConnect List
{uploadInfo}Upload ParametersSee Upload File API
{locationInfo}Location ParametersmapId,latitude,longitude,scale Separated by commas
Map ID
e.g. 2,1.2803074,103.8610191,16
{parameter}Custom Parameterplugin_usages->parameter

{type} Access source type

{type} Variable name introduction

Variable ValueDescription

{scene} Entrance Scene

{scene} Variable name introduction

Variable ValueDescriptionScenes
likeLike OperationDetermine who to operate on based on source type
dislikeDislike OperationIbid
followFollow OperationIbid
blockBlock OperationIbid
manageManagement FunctionsIbid
joinRegister to joinRegister or Login Account
renewalMember RenewalPrivate mode user renewal
realNameReal-name authenticationReal-name authentication for management accounts
connectConnect ManagementManage account connect bindings
walletRechargeRecharge Extension
walletWithdrawWithdrawal Extension
groupExtensionGroup Extension
profileExtensionUser Profile Extension
featureExtensionUser Feature Extension
operationImageFunctional Extension Informationoperations.diversifyImages
operationTipFunctional tip
extendBoxExtend ContenttextBox / infoBox / interactionBox
postUserListPost User ListList of users attached to the post
postAuthBtnPost Read Auth ButtonThe button displayed when the post has permission requirements and the user has no rights
commentBtnComment Function ButtonComment with button, post author can operate comment
postEditorPost Editor
commentEditorComment Editor

{uploadInfo} Upload parameters

  • Same as signature:
    • Compressing json data
    • Encode the compressed data in Base64
    • Base64-encoded data is then encoded as a URL
  • Parameters
    "usageType": "Number / Type of file usage",
    "tableName": "String / Source Table Name",
    "tableColumn": "String / Source Field Name",
    "tableId": "Number / Source table primary id",
    "tableKey": "String / Source table key name",
    "type": "String / File Type: image,video,audio,document"

Released under the Apache-2.0 License