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Upload Log

  • Endpoint Path: /api/v2/common/upload-log
  • Method: POST
  • Request: application/json

Headers Optional Parameter

Parameter NamePublic Mode (Required)Private Mode (Required)

Body Params

Parameter NameTypeRequiredDescription
typeNumberrequiredLog Type
fskeyStringoptionalPlugin name
objectNameStringrequiredFunction model name or interface path
For example, model name: App\Models\Post
For example, interface path: /api/v2/account/login
objectActionStringrequiredAction description, custom input content
objectResultNumberrequired1. Unknown or in progress / 2. Success / 3. Failure
objectOrderIdStringoptionalFor example, if it is a publishing action, it represents the ID of the published content
Plugin actions, this ID can be used to query the associated information recorded by the corresponding plugin
deviceTokenStringoptionalInteraction device Token
For example, iOS Device Token or Android Device Token
Can be used for push notifications
moreJsonObjectoptionalOther custom information


    "code": 0,
    "message": "ok",
    "data": null

Released under the Apache-2.0 License