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Error Code


30000Parameter error
30001Parameter missing error (mandatory parameters not passed)
30002Parameter values do not meet the requirements (The parameter value is not the specified parameter value)
30003The parameter value is not in a valid Json array format
30004The parameter value is not in a valid Json object format
30005The two-choice parameter value cannot be passed to both parameters


31000Headers Error
31101Platform ID not exist
31102Platform ID and Key do not match
31103Platform ID does not match the account or user
31201Version not exist
31202Version and key do not match
31301App ID does not exist or is disabled
31302Signature error
31303Signature expired
31304The key does not have the right to request for the interface
31305Read-only key are not entitled to request for the interface
31401Language tag incorrect
31402Timezone incorrect
31501Account not logged in, Unable to use (AID is empty)
31502Wrong account or record not exist
31503Lost login token, Please login again (Token is empty)
31504Login token is no longer valid, please login again (Token not enabled or expired)
31505Account login token are incorrect or do not exist (Account Token is incorrect)
31601User not logged in, Unable to use (UID is empty)
31602Wrong user or record not exist
31603User login token are incorrect or do not exist (User Token is incorrect)
31701Device information is not available (Device info is empty)
31702Wrong format of device information
31703Missing IP information in device information


32100No service provider configured
32101The service provider not exist
32102The service provider not enabled
32103Service provider config parameter is empty
32104Storage service provider configuration exception, temporarily unable to upload file
32201Wrong ID or record not exist
32202Abnormal data: failed to be queried or data duplicated.
32203Record expired and invalid. Please try again.
32204Record used. Please try again.
32205Record used. Can no longer be used.
32206Record content is empty
32301No response from the service provider
32302Service provider processing failed
32303Callback error: data lost or wrong record
32304Abnormal execution: file lost or wrong record


33100This interface or version has been disabled by the system and cannot be requested
33101Request for the interface is forbidden under private mode
33102Site mode configuration error
33200Verify code template unavailable or not exist
33201Send the Verify code too often, please try again later
33202Verify code cannot be empty
33203Verify code incorrect or expired
33301Content contains system banned words, please modify before submitting
33302The length of the content exceeds the system limit, please reduce it and submit again
33400IP error, not a valid IP address
33401The IP is abnormal and the details are not available
33402The IP cannot be queried for details
33403The IP has been disabled and the system cannot provide service
33404The IP is unknown.


34101Email format incorrect
34102Phone number format incorrect
34103Country calling code error
34104The new password entered twice does not match
34105Password length incorrect
34106Password should contain numbers
34107Password should contain lowercase letters
34108Password should contain uppercase letters
34109Password should contain symbols
34110Email that do not support the domain
34111Account password or verification code cannot be empty
34201This registration channel has been closed and account registration through this function is prohibited
34202Registration with Email not supported
34203Registration with mobile phone number not supported
34204The account has registered
34205Email has been used
34206Phone number has been used
34301Account not exist
34302Email not exist
34303Phone number not exist
34304Incorrect account password
34305Incorrect account or wrong password
34306The error has exceeded the system limit. Please log in again 1 hour later
34307Current account has been banned
34308The account has been logged out
34401Email bound
34402Phone bound
34403Connect account error (Connected Token already exists)
34404Connect token is disabled
34405You have already connected an account and cannot connect it again.
34406Your account is not set up with an email and phone number, so after you are disconnected your account will be empty, and you will not be able to log in, so disconnect is disabled.
34501Account wallet not exist or has been banned
34502Account wallet password is incorrect
34503The counterparty wallet not exist or has been banned
34504Wallet balance is not allowed to make payment
34505The counterparty wallet balance is not allowed to make payment
34506The closing balance not match with the wallet limit
34507The closing balance of the counterparty does not match with the wallet limit


35101Could only be modified once within the specified number of days
35102Your username can only contain letters, numbers and single hyphens
35103Username length incorrect
35104Username does not meet the minimum length requirement
35105That username has been taken. Please choose another.
35106The username contains block words
35107Consider using a nickname without special characters so it’s accessible to even more people, including people who are blind or have low vision.
35108Nickname length incorrect
35109Nickname does not meet the minimum length requirement
35110The nickname contains block words
35111That nickname has been taken. Please choose another.
35201Current user not exist or not belong to the current account
35202Current user has been banned
35203The user has been logged out
35204Incorrect password
35301Current user has no right to request
35302The user has expired and has no right to use the function
35303User has expired and is not entitled to view current content
35304The content belongs to the new content after the expiration date, the current user has expired and does not have the right to view
35305You cannot specify a user to view the content
35306The system has been opened in private mode, the current user has no authorization information


36100Wrong role or record not exist
36101Current role not configured with permissions. Please contact the administrator to confirm.
36102Current role has no right to make request
36103Current role has no right to browse
36104Current role has no right to publish content
36105There is a time limit for the current role to publish content. Please try again within specific time
36106Current role has to have an email bound before publishing content
36107Current role has to have a mobile phone number bound before publishing content
36108Real-name verification is required for current role to publish content
36109Current role has no right to upload images
36110Current role has no right to upload videos
36111Current role has no right to upload audios
36112Current role has no right to upload files
36113File size exceeds the set limit
36114File time length exceeds the set limit
36115The number of files exceeds the set limit
36116Current role has no conversation message permission
36117The current role has reached the upper limit of today download, please download again tomorrow.
36118The current number of characters has reached the maximum number and cannot be added
36119Publish too fast, please post again at intervals. Please check the current role settings for details
36120The daily publish limit has been reached, please publish again tomorrow
36200This feature is not open and cannot be operated
36201The content is not open and cannot be viewed
36202Cannot operate on yourself or your published content
36300Only the specified method of publication is supported, and this interface prohibits requests
36301Please have your email bound before publishing content
36302Please have your mobile phone number bound before publishing content
36303Please go through the real-name verification process before publishing content
36304The system has time limit for content publishing. Please try again within specified time
36305Post cannot be edited after publication
36306Comment can not be edited after publish
36307Editing not allowed for top contents
36308Editing not allowed for highlighted contents
36309Editable time expired
36310This type of file can not be uploaded
36311Current user does not have the post permission of the group
36312Current user does not have the comment permission of the group.
36313This comment type does not allow editing
36400Failed to delete. Content error or not exist
36401The content can not be deleted
36402The resource is being used and deletion is not allowed
36403You can only delete your own content
36404Not allowed to delete in the review, please withdraw the review and then delete
36405Content has been published, the draft can no longer operate, if you need to delete please delete the published content
36500Operation failed. Please confirm that you are the author
36501There is no need to withdraw the content, for it is not being reviewed
36600Conversation function is not enabled and cannot be used
36601Conversation exception or non-existent
36602The conversation does not belong to the current user
36603You can not send messages to yourself
36604Each message should be either [file] or [text]
36605The message could not be sent for the block words it contains
36606The user they set that only the users he follows can send messages
36607The user they set that only the users he follows and the verified users can send messages
36608The other party they set the conversation off function
36609Only your own conversation messages could be deleted.
36700Notification exception or non-existent
36701The notification does not belong to the current user
36702Only your own notification messages could be deleted.


37100Wrong group or record not exist
37101Group has been banned
37102Only members can view this group.
37103Only members can see who's in the group and what they post.
37104The current user has been banned from viewing the content of this group
37105The service has expired and cannot be viewed and interacted with in this group
37106Service has expired, can't view new content
37200Wrong hashtag or record not exist
37201Hashtag has been banned
37300Wrong post or record not exist
37301Post has been banned
37302Wrong post log or record not exist
37303The content could not be accessed without authorization
37400Wrong comment or record not exist
37401Comment has been banned
37402Wrong comment log or record not exist
37403Comments are only visible to the author of the post
37404The post has timed out and no longer shows comments
37500Wrong file or record not exist
37501File has been banned
37600Wrong extend content or record not exist
37601Extend has been banned


Edit Validation
38100Draft ID is incorrect or does not exist
38101The content is being reviewed and can not be edited
38102The content has been published and can not be edited
38103Content being reviewed can not be submitted again
38104Content being published can not be submitted again
38105Failed to create draft comment. Only first-level comment can create draft
38106Draft creation failed, draft box is full, please organize and create again
38107Comment failed, belongs to the post or has been deleted
38108Comment failed, the post belongs to the comment function has been closed
Check Parameter
38200Content has been submitted, pending review and approval before official publication
38201The existence of content to be audited, the system does not allow the simultaneous submission of two pieces of content for review, to be submitted after the end of the audit
38202Title cannot be empty
38203The title is too long and has exceeded the length limit
38204The content cannot be empty, please write the content and then publish
38205The content is too long and has exceeded the length limit
38206There are banned words in the title, please modify it before publishing
38207There are banned words in the content, please revise before publishing
38208Group cannot be empty, please select group
38209The author has set only the users he follows to comment
38210The author has set only the users he follows and the verified users can comment
38211The author has turned off the comment function

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