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Column NameTypeCommentDefaultNullRemark
idbigint UNSIGNEDPost IDNOAuto Increment
pidvarchar(32)Public IDNOUnique
parent_idbigint UNSIGNEDParent Post ID0NO0 means no parent
user_idbigint UNSIGNEDPublisher IDNORelated field users->id
group_idint UNSIGNEDGroup ID0NORelated field groups->id
lang_tagvarchar(16)Language TagYES
writing_directionchar(3)Writing DirectionYES
is_markdowntinyint UNSIGNEDIs content in MD format0NO0.No / 1.Yes
is_anonymoustinyint UNSIGNEDIs anonymous0NO0.No / 1.Yes
map_longitudedecimal(12,8)Map - LongitudeYESDecimal, range -180~180, negative for west longitude
map_latitudedecimal(12,8)Map - LatitudeYESDecimal, range -90~90, negative for south latitude
sticky_statetinyint UNSIGNEDSticky state1NO1.No / 2.Group Sticky / 3.Global Sticky
digest_statetinyint UNSIGNEDDigest state1NO1.No / 2.General Digest / 3.Premium Digest
digested_attimestampDigest TimeYESTime set to Digest
view_countint UNSIGNEDNumber of View0NO
like_countint UNSIGNEDLike count0NONumber of users who liked the post
dislike_countint UNSIGNEDDislike count0NONumber of users who disliked the post
follow_countint UNSIGNEDFollow count0NONumber of users who followed (saved) the post
block_countint UNSIGNEDBlock count0NONumber of users who blocked (not interested) the post
comment_countint UNSIGNEDComment count0NONumber of comments on the post, including second-level replies
comment_digest_countint UNSIGNEDComment digest count0NOTotal number of digest comments on the post
comment_like_countint UNSIGNEDComment like count0NOTotal number of likes on all comments
comment_dislike_countint UNSIGNEDComment dislike count0NOTotal number of dislikes on all comments
comment_follow_countint UNSIGNEDComment follow count0NOTotal number of follows on all comments
comment_block_countint UNSIGNEDComment block count0NOTotal number of blocks on all comments
post_countint UNSIGNEDSub-level post count0NOTotal number of posts referencing it
latest_edit_attimestampEdit timeYESIf editable after publish, record edit time here
latest_comment_attimestampComment timeYESTime of the latest comment
rank_statetinyint UNSIGNEDRank Status1NO1.Not set
is_enabledtinyint UNSIGNEDIs Valid1NO0.Invalid (visible only to yourself) / 1.Valid
created_attimestampCreate TimeCURRENT_TIMESTAMPNOPublish time
updated_attimestampUpdate TimeYES
deleted_attimestampDelete TimeYES

Digest Description

General Digest

  • General display
  • Appears in the timeline of users who have followed the group

*When the Groups feature is enabled, by default only the content set as an digest under Groups will be displayed in the stream of the following page.

Premium Digest

  • Appears on all users' timeline

Released under the Apache-2.0 License