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Column NameTypeCommentDefaultNullRemark
idbigint UNSIGNEDPrimary Key IDNOAuto Increment
typetinyint UNSIGNEDNotification typeNO
user_idbigint UNSIGNEDUser IDNORelated field users->id,Owner of this notification
contenttextNotification contentYESWhen involving posts or comments, a summary can be stored
is_markdowntinyint UNSIGNEDIs content in MD format0NO0.No / 1.Yes
is_multilingualtinyint UNSIGNEDIs content multilingual0NO0.No / 1.Yes
is_access_pluginvarchar(64)Access plugin page0NOOutput access address of plugin_fskey
is_mentiontinyint UNSIGNEDIs mention to a notice0NO0.No / 1.Yes
I was mentioned in someone else's content and then notified of the interactive action
plugin_fskeyvarchar(64)Associated Plugin FskeyYESRelated field plugins->fskey
Notification message generated by which plugin
action_user_idbigint UNSIGNEDTriggering user IDYESRelated field users->id
action_is_anonymoustinyint UNSIGNEDUser is anonymous0NO0.No / 1.Yes
action_typesmallint UNSIGNEDTriggering action typeYES1.Like 2.Dislike 3.Follow 4.Block 5.Publish 6.Edit 7.Delete 8.Pin 9.Highlight 10.Manage
action_objecttinyint UNSIGNEDTriggering targetYES1.User / 2.Group / 3.Hashtag / 4.Post / 5.Comment
action_idbigint UNSIGNEDTriggering target IDYESOrigin of this notification
1.Related field users->id
2.Related field groups->id
3.Related field hashtags->id
4.Related field posts->id
5.Related field comments->id
action_content_idbigint UNSIGNEDPost or Comment IDYESRelated field posts->id or comments->id
is_readtinyint UNSIGNEDRead status0NO0.Unread / 1.Read
created_attimestampCreate TimeCURRENT_TIMESTAMPNO
updated_attimestampUpdate TimeYES
deleted_attimestampDelete TimeYES

Notification Type Introduction

  • 1 System
  • 2 Recommend
  • 3 Like
  • 4 Dislike
  • 5 Follow
  • 6 Block
  • 7 Mention
  • 8 Comment (reply)
  • 9 quote (reshare)

System Message Interpretation

  • type=1 represents a content message sent to you by the system
    • is_access_plugin Whether to access the plugin page
    • action_user_id Whether there is a triggering user
    • action_object + action_id Whether there is a triggering source content

Recommendation Message Interpretation

  • type=2 represents content recommended to you by the system
    • content Recommendation language
    • is_access_plugin Whether to access the plugin page
    • action_user_id Whether there is a triggering user
    • action_object + action_id Recommended content

Interaction Message Interpretation

  • type=3 represents action_user_id liked your action_object + action_id
  • type=4 represents action_user_id disliked your action_object + action_id
  • type=5 represents action_user_id followed your action_object + action_id
  • type=6 represents action_user_id blocked your action_object + action_id
  • type=7 represents action_user_id mentioned you in action_object + action_id
    • content Summary of the mention content
  • type=8 represents action_user_id commented on your action_object + action_id content
    • content Summary of the comment content
    • action_content_id Their comment ID
  • type=9 represents action_user_id quoted on your action_object=4 + action_id content
    • content Summary of the post content
    • action_content_id Their post ID

Released under the Apache-2.0 License