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Column NameTypeCommentDefaultNullRemark
idbigint UNSIGNEDPrimary Key IDNOAuto Increment
file_idbigint UNSIGNEDFile IDNORelated field files->id
file_typetinyint UNSIGNEDFile Type1NO1.Image / 2.Video / 3.Audio / 4.Document
account_idbigint UNSIGNEDDownloader Account IDNORelated field accounts->id
user_idbigint UNSIGNEDDownloader User IDYESRelated field users->id
plugin_fskeyvarchar(64)Downloader PluginYESRelated field plugins->fskey
If downloaded in a plugin, then it is that plugin's fskey
object_typetinyint UNSIGNEDDownload Source Type1NO1.User / 2.Group / 3.Hashtag / 4.Post / 5.Comment / 6.Extend Content
object_idbigint UNSIGNEDSource Target Primary Key IDNO
created_attimestampUsage TimeCURRENT_TIMESTAMPNODownload Time
updated_attimestampUpdate TimeYES
deleted_attimestampDelete TimeYES

Released under the Apache-2.0 License