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Menu TitleKey NameDefault Key ValueValue TypeDescription
Enable multilinguallanguage_statustruebooleantrue or false
Language configuration listlanguage_menusarrayLanguage list JSON data
Default languagedefault_languagezh-HansstringLanguage Tag

Composition of language tags

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Language List JSON Data

        "rating": "Sorting",
        "langCode": "Language code",
        "langName": "Language name (read from dictionary and store)",
        "continentId": "Continent ID",
        "areaStatus": "Area enable status, true or false",
        "areaCode": "Area code (can be empty)",
        "areaName": "Area name (can be empty, read from dictionary and store)",
        "langTag": "Language tag (combination of language name and area code)",
        "writingDirection": "Language writing direction (read from dictionary and store)",
        "lengthUnit": "Length unit",
        "dateFormat": "Date format",
        "timeFormatMinute": "Minute time format naming",
        "timeFormatHour": "Hour time format naming",
        "timeFormatDay": "Day time format naming",
        "timeFormatMonth": "Month time format naming",
        "timeFormatYear": "Year time format naming",
        "packVersion": "Language pack version",
        "isEnabled": "true or false"
        "rating": 1,
        "langCode": "zh-Hans",
        "langName": "Simplified Chinese",
        "continentId": 1,
        "areaStatus": true,
        "areaCode": "SG",
        "areaName": "Singapore",
        "langTag": "zh-Hans-SG",
        "writingDirection": "ltr",
        "lengthUnit": "km",
        "dateFormat": "yyyy-mm-dd",
        "timeFormatMinute": "{n} minutes ago",
        "timeFormatHour": "{n} hours ago",
        "timeFormatDay": "{n} days ago",
        "timeFormatMonth": "{n} months ago",
        "timeFormatYear": "{n} years ago",
        "packVersion": 1,
        "isEnabled": true

Humanized Time Format

API output content, humanize the time

n minutes ago5 minutes agoPosted within 60 minutes
n hours ago5 hours agoPosted over 60 minutes, but within 24 hours
n days ago5 days agoPosted over 24 hours, but within 30 days
n months ago5 months agoPosted over 30 days, but within this year
n years ago1 years agoPosted over 365 days


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